The Hobbs Foundation, established in 2003, is a family foundation committed to improving the lives of underserved children across the state of Florida by supporting charitable organizations that strive to educate, mentor, and nurture disadvantaged children that helps to build a foundation for a bright future for youth and the community.

Our foundation seeks to improve the access that socio-economically vulnerable children have to educational, cultural, and social enrichment opportunities that promote school readiness, positive character development, responsible decision-making, and self-sufficiency.  Our approach to grantmaking focuses on allocating our limited resources in a way that achieves direct, meaningful impact on disadvantaged children by investing in direct-program opportunities with nonprofit organizations that demonstrate effective program outcomes relevant to the critical needs of vulnerable children, engaged leadership that provides a clear plan of action in addressing the root causes of educational, social and developmental gaps facing at-risk children, and capable operations management that ensures the financial sustainability and program development that leads to long-term impact for children in need.